This is the site for the MoB Blood Bowl Local League.
The Star Players of M.O.B. Games is a fun league for coaches in or around the Lake Stevens, Washington area.

If your interested in joining contact me @ relictor on gmail.

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May 8th, 2019
Season 12 and planning for the future.
We will bring doing another soft reset to the league in season 12. Akin to what occurred in season 6 last year but with more forewarning.

The soft reset:
Teams enrolled for participation in season twelve will be restricted to one of two options.
1: new rookie teams.
2: returning teams are allowed with the restriction that no player on the roster may have more than 5 spp.

This ensures that all players starting the season will be unleveled. Though returning teams will have the advantage of fan factor and rerolls. Those advantages will be offset by standard inducements.
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019 - old news
Season 10 Tailgate
Season 10 Tailgate to occur on 4/6
Each coach will be afforded two pick up games over the course of the day. These are separate from and in addition to any pick up games played during the regular season.

Rookie teams will be awarded two MVP's in the post match sequence. Returning experienced teams will be awarded one MVP as normal.
Rookie teams will also be treated to resurrection format and casualty results will not carry over past the event. Returning veteran teams will have injuries applied as normal league format.

Administrated by Vice Commissioner Nick
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019 - old news
Season Nine Post Season Update
The ninth season is drawing near its end and the “nail”-biting championship match is between Chris with his Edge Lord’s and Jackson with his Runic Reavers.

Who will survive? Who will claim the title? Time will tell.
- Matt
Mar. 3rd, 2019 - old news
Season Nine Post Season
Through thick and thin blood the regular season comes to an end. We move forward into the post season with anticipation to see who will come out on top with the championship!

Wild card round match ups are as follows:

For the Block Division:
Neil vs Doc
Chris vs Lance

For the Dodge Division:
Wade vs Benjamin
Jackson vs Jason

The next three weeks will be for the post season. All teams will be able to play up to three games in any combination of wild card, semi-final or pick up game.

All matches must be completed no later than 3/23/2019.
If you will be unable to commit to all post season matches. Let me know as soon as possible for a replacement coach to be found for the schedule.
- Matt
Feb. 25th, 2019 - old news
With some inspiration from our friends a little south of us. We will be adding a new factor into our league. We will be holding an annual league tournament outside of normal season play.

This tournament will take place after the current season running during the two weeks between season nine and ten.
From March 3rd through March 16th. All matches must be completed within that time.

MOBBBL Cup is the premiere tournament for the MOB Blood Bowl League. 8 Coaches will enlist one of their teams that have completed at least 1 season in the MOB store league. The first 8 coaches to enroll and pay the 15 dollar entrance fee will be granted a spot in this tournament. This tournament fee goes to helping pay for website used to run our store league, our astounding tournament trophy and other store goodies.
This tournament is a single elimination bracket tournament. (see attached image)

This means that if you lose a single game you are out of the tournament. First round opponents will be decide randomly. This tournament is also unique because all SPP, miss next games and serious injuries such as stat drops will carry over to the next game.
TV differential will also play a factor as well. Teams will be granted inducements exactly as if it were a league game. However, some inducements will not be allowed. Here is a list of inducements you can NOT take;
● Star Players
● Special Play Cards

In order to make things fair and equal for every team enrolled we will not be using the rules for special stadiums, special referees nor special balls.
All downtime redrafting must be complete to participate in the tournament.
This tournament aims to bring the best teams the league has ever seen into a single tournament seeking glory and fame. With that being said this is a competitive tournament. Coaches will bite and claw their way to the top and kill anyone that stands in their way. This tournament is also a great risk to rising star players in the league. All SPP, injuries and deaths will carry over to the season should you enroll that team into another season. These matches will not be counted for downtime redrafting nor will they cause downtime to be done.
- Matt

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MoB Games 10, Week 4
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MoB Games 10, Week 4
  2    Flu Tang Clan
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