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The Star Players of M.O.B. Games is a fun league for coaches in or around the Lake Stevens, Washington area.

If your interested in joining contact me @ relictor on gmail.

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May 21st, 2018
Upcoming League Changes
League Announcement:
Season Seven Updates and Changes

With reflecting on the past year that we have been playing many matches of Blood Bowl. The game we have all enjoyed as a community.

With the start of the seventh season we will be doing a "soft reset" to all teams. What does this mean? I am glad you asked.
First: Teams enrolling in season seven will have a maximum team value of 1300 and no players that have earned star player points. All rookie players or players with less than six SPP, but those teams that redraft may keep their team name and if they have extra funds they can use that for coaching staff or re-rolls. But no team with a TV of 1301+ will be enrolled in the upcoming season.

Second: Treasury will affect team value. Treasury money exceeding the 100k will count towards team value. (There is another option to require it to be spent as petty cash. I don't think we are quite to that point)
If treasury is equal to or lower, team value is not affected and only rely on players, re-rolls, staff etc. as usual.

Third: Retiring players. Once a player wants to retire it is permanent for all future seasons. Automatically increasing their redrafting cost by 20k for each season completed.

For those of us that have been around since last spring we can recall that there was a voiced complaint from most of the league through the third season. The complaint at that time was that the number of orc teams active in each season was a third to half the number of teams. Four orc teams running for two of those seasons. That issue resolved through the coaches electing to play other teams and we were down to one orc team. This issue has resurfaced this season with there being five dwarf teams. That makes everyone end up playing against a dwarf team for half the season.
Should people play dwarves? Absolutely. If you enjoy them and you have the team. Play them.
But also bear in mind how much fun it will be for you and your opponents when you play those games. Is it fun to see half the league run the same team? Not so much. Whether its orcs, dwarves or any one race. Variety is the spice of life and I would encourage folks to reflect on what they are going to play when they see the league forming up. If I see two or more orc teams signing up then I will not play my orcs. Same for elves. (I doubt we would ever see two ogre teams in a single season).
There have been suggestions for limiting the number of teams per race. That is an option that could be enforced, but I would rather not. There can be just as many issues with enforcing that as not.

We have a good community here. Let's work together to nurture a friendly, fun and casual league.
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2018 - old news
End of Season Five
With the fifth season of the MoB Game Blood Bowl League coming to an end we have a new champion!

Champion: And My Ax
Silver Cup: The New World Thunder
Bronze Cup: Coven of Thorns

Player Awards:
Most Touchdowns: Nobody Love Raymond of Coven of Thorns
Most Kills: Kerredith Erewine of Ball Hawks
Most Casualties: Thein, Black Heart of New World Thunder
Top Thrower: Elftonio Crown of New World Thunder
Top Interceptor: Cannon Uge Arm of Da red White of Broozas
Most SPP Earned: Harry Leathermaul of And My Ax

Team Awards:
Best Defense: Baskerville Worgen Donors
Care Bears: Snow Hi-Ho's
Most Lethal: And My Ax
Best Offense: Coven of Thorns
Revenge: New Ogrund Quakers
Block Division Champion: Coven of Thorns
Dodge Division Champion: And My Ax

All teams are ready for redrafting at your convenience.
- Matt
Feb. 27th, 2018 - old news
Post Season Five
League Announcement:

Do to popular demand we will be doing the post season a little differently this time around.

The top team of each division will have two scheduled matches for the semi-final and final games. Plus one pick up game each.

The four teams ranked two through six will have one wild card match each to determine who goes into the semi-finals for the play-offs.

Everyone else will have up to three pick up games available for them to schedule and play.

We will see how this works out.
- Matt
Jan. 6th, 2018 - old news
Let's play some Blood Bowl!
Season Five for the majors and Season Three for the minors are now running.

Remember to notify your commissioner of any upcoming pick up games to be added to the schedule.
- Matt
Dec. 19th, 2017 - old news
Season Four Final Results
Season Four Closed.

Team Awards
Champion: Coven of Thorns
2nd Place: Green City Squighawks
Best Offense: Green City Squighawks
Best Defense: Coven of Thorns
Deadliest Team: And My Ax
Block Division Champ: Coven of Thorns
Dodge Division Champ: Ball Hawks
Care Bear Pennant: Ball Hawks
Revenge Pennant: Kleaverland Brownpants

Player Awards:
Most SPPs: Nobody Loves Raymond (Coven of Thorns)
Top Interceptor: Izzaa Lunggord (Green Skin Smashers)
Top Passer: Davie Throwie (Green City Squighawks)
Top Killer: Grathgar Goldenbeard (And My Ax)
Most Casualties: Grathgar Goldenbeard (And My Ax)
Top Scorer: Nobody Loves Raymond (Coven of Thorns)
- Matt

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