This is the site for the MoB Blood Bowl Local League.
The Star Players of M.O.B. Games is a fun league for coaches in or around the Lake Stevens, Washington area.

If your interested in joining contact me @ relictor on gmail.

And now a thank you to our new sponsors followed by some classic artwork.

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Oct. 1st, 2018 - old news
Season Eight Commences!
Season Eight match schedule is posted.
- Matt
Sep. 27th, 2018 - old news
Plucky Cup!
Season Eight League Updates:
The Elven Union has made an unprecedented move for leagues not properly representing the elven player base. They are sponsoring Elven Luckstone Award for this season. (reference Spike magazine issue 3 page 31)

The championship team of this season will be awarded the Plucky Cup. Additionally, during the end season play-off semi-finals and finals games, one player on each team will be touched by the greatness of the Luckstone. Randomly select one player from each team. That player gains the Pro skill for the duration of the match. If that player already has the Pro or Loner skill, randomly select another player.

Alongside the standard financial bonuses for winning or placing in teh league, teh winning team gains an additional team re-roll for hte duration of the next standard league season they play in. This re-roll does not cost the team any gold pieces but does increase their Team Value.

Additionally, the player on the wining team who was awarded the MVP for the final match gains the Pro skill -- increasing their cost accordingly. If the MVP already has the Pro or Loner skill, randomly select another player to gain the Pro skill.

Standard season rules changes:
Championship teams are awarded additional gold of winnings. First place is awarded 100k; second place 60k and this place 30k. (No longer awarding an additional dice of earnings to first place)

Spike Magazine issues 1, 2 and 3 inducements are now available for use.
- Matt
Aug. 27th, 2018 - old news
Season Seven Post Season!
We are into the play-offs and wait with baited breath to see who shall rise to the top!

For the wild card round one:
Da New York Big’uns vs Moonclaw Mooncrushaz
Orkland Raiders vs Orazca Coronas
Slaughtering Bumpkins vs Disciples of Squee
Zharr Garland Grenadiers vs Shamble On
Everyone else is allotted up to three pick up games.

Remember that the post season runs for three weeks for all three games. Through 9/15.

If you won't be able to play all of your playoff games in a timely manner, then the playoff spot will be awarded to the next coach (e.g. either 2nd place in the division, or the next would be Wild Card team.)
Star Players and Mercenaries are NOT available as inducements during the MoB Play-offs.
The Playoff games draw large crowds; roll 4 dice instead of 2 for determining the gate for the games.
MoB Championship game teams are awarded an addition dice worth of winnings. Note that the winner may still reroll winnings, but may only reroll one of the two dice.
Miss Next Game injury results will be cleared from players after the regular season prior to the first post season match and again between the wild card match and championship match. They will apply to all other matches.
- Matt
July 2nd, 2018 - old news
Season Seven Started
With such a great turnout for the Tailgate Party on 7/1 there was much fanfare to start the season.

Seven pick up games resulted in fifteen touchdowns and twenty one casualties!

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it and lets have a fun season over the next several weeks.

The full schedule is posted and ready to play.
Week one is 7/1 through 7/14.
Week two is 7/15 though 7//28.
Week three is 7/29 through 8/11.
Week Four is 8/12 through 8/25.
- Matt
June 13th, 2018 - old news
Team Badges
Does your team have a cool team badge you want uploaded?

Then email me the image with the following requirements.

jpg-image with a width of 200px and height of 160-200px
- Matt

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Latest matches:
MoB Season 8, Pick Up Game
  0    Orkland Raiders
  3    Marienburg Dogs o...
MoB Season 8, Pick Up Game
  2    da Bootweisers
  2    Moonclaw Mawcrushas
MoB Season 8, Semi-Finals
  3    Dreadwood Warriors
  2    Orazca Coronas
MoB Season 8, Semi-Finals
  2    Slaughtering Bump...
  1    Scumdogs of the U...
MoB Season 8, Wild Card Match-Up
  0    Marienburg Dogs o...
  1    Orazca Coronas
MoB Season 8, Wild Card Match-Up
  3    Scumdogs of the U...
  2    Orkland Raiders
MoB Season 8, Pick Up Game
  1    New Ogrund Quakers
  1    da Bootweisers
MoB Season 8, Top of division bye
  1    Cosmere Stormriders
  0    training partner
MoB Season 8, Top of division bye
  1    Dreadwood Warriors
  0    training partner
MoB Season 8, Week Four
  1    Orkland Raiders
  1    Shamble On
MoB Season 8, Week Four
  4    Marienburg Dogs o...
  0    Seatown Speedsters
MoB Season 8, Pick Up Game
  1    Marienburg Dogs o...
  3    Slaughtering Bump...
MoB Season 8, Week Four
  2    Slaughtering Bump...
  3    Cosmere Stormriders
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