This is the site for the MoB Blood Bowl Local League.
The Star Players of M.O.B. Games is a fun league for coaches in or around the Lake Stevens, Washington area.

If your interested in joining contact me @ relictor on gmail.

And now a thank you to our new sponsors followed by some classic artwork.

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July 16th, 2019
Commission News
Effective season 11 going forward. Pick up games are limited to playing the same opposing coach no more than twice in a season. This will include the full season from the tailgate through the post season.

This does not count scheduled matches. You can play a coach one scheduled match and two times with a pick up game. Please be sure to reach out to coaches you haven’t played to meet and throw some dice at each other. Have fun!
- Matt
July 14th, 2019
Season 11 News
The moment you have all been waiting for has come...The announcement for season 11 of the MoB local league news!
After the crushing victory by the Orkland Raiders at the end of season 10. The Orcidas bloodthirsty team of negotiators were hard at work to bring the fame and fortune their way and to share some (as little as possible) with the local scene.
Season 11 has been sponsored by the Orcidas brand and will be host to the annual "Orcidas Team of the Year" tournament to coincide with our play-offs.
What does this mean? I am glad you asked.
The team that places first at the end of the season will get a single players worth of Orcidas made armor kit. In addition to the standard winnings available at the end of the league season, the team that wins the cup may give one randomly determined player a +1 AV increase, to represent their coming away from the Orcidas Team of the Year Tournament with splendid new kit made in the hard-wearing traditions of Orc couture.

P.S. After the gnome statisticians ran some numbers and argued with the goblins as to what those number mean. (Does 2+2 really equal 4?). The commission has declared that season 12 will begin with a hard reset on teams. All teams enrolled in that season will be fresh rookie teams with no seasons of experience. Season 13 will allow for experienced teams to resume enrollment and play.
- Matt
May 8th, 2019 - old news
Season 12 and planning for the future.
We will bring doing another soft reset to the league in season 12. Akin to what occurred in season 6 last year but with more forewarning.

The soft reset:
Teams enrolled for participation in season twelve will be restricted to one of two options.
1: new rookie teams.
2: returning teams are allowed with the restriction that no player on the roster may have more than 5 spp.

This ensures that all players starting the season will be unleveled. Though returning teams will have the advantage of fan factor and rerolls. Those advantages will be offset by standard inducements.
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019 - old news
Season 10 Tailgate
Season 10 Tailgate to occur on 4/6
Each coach will be afforded two pick up games over the course of the day. These are separate from and in addition to any pick up games played during the regular season.

Rookie teams will be awarded two MVP's in the post match sequence. Returning experienced teams will be awarded one MVP as normal.
Rookie teams will also be treated to resurrection format and casualty results will not carry over past the event. Returning veteran teams will have injuries applied as normal league format.

Administrated by Vice Commissioner Nick
- Matt
Mar. 17th, 2019 - old news
Season Nine Post Season Update
The ninth season is drawing near its end and the “nail”-biting championship match is between Chris with his Edge Lord’s and Jackson with his Runic Reavers.

Who will survive? Who will claim the title? Time will tell.
- Matt

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