Match result

Post Season 2, Round Two
Dwarf logo
no custom badge
Barak Varr Beards

gate: 15 000
2 TD score 0
cas score
Orc logo
no custom badge
Kleaverland Brownpants


Wili Groundskeeper
Jari Goldshlager
TD Scorers

Griff Goblin-Grappler
Graff Goblin-Grappler
Badly Hurt'ers
KB Blitzer #3 retired
Serious Injurers
KB Troll
KB Blitzer #2
Completions By
KB Thrower #1
Interceptions By

Oin Cookiebaker
MVP awards to
KB Troll
  Sustained Injuries  

Gavel Steelforge dead
Result added June 30th, 2017

Match notes
Orcs caused two casualties, one saved by apothecary.
Dwarves also caused two casualties, one without lasting injury and one smashed ankle saved by the apothecary. May not be represented above? Doing this from memory. The game sheet should show both.

Greg, which player actually killed Gavel? You've listed two killers.

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