Match result

MOB Season 14, Playoffs Quarterfinals
Shambling Undead logo
no custom badge
Rolling Bones

gate: 25 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
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The Elftown Harlequins


"Smoking" Jerry Garcia
Hendrix Haze
TD Scorers
Kyinrell Purelight
Foulers (no cas)

Hendrix Haze
"Smoking" Jerry Garcia
Badly Hurt'ers
Limrybeth Darkeagle
Kyinrell Purelight

Lemmy Killmaster
Serious Injurers

Malicious Dead

John Lennon
Completions By
Anosis Swifthand
Interceptions By

"Smoking" Jerry Garcia
MVP awards to
Endsannir Oldtower
Sustained Injuries
-1 ST
Eldsinnir Stargaze retired
Kyararna Sharpblade dead
Result added November 11th, 2020

Match notes

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