Clan Thunderfist

Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Topher
With ale on the breath, eyes bloodshot, and shouting their warsong, the dwarves of Clan Thunderfist charge on to the pitch.

The clan comes from the depths of Thunder Mountain; a mysterious rock, standing 24,000 feet tall. Surrounded by a perpetual storm (some believe it to have been created by ancient dwarven magic-users), few beings dare venture near it. The dwarves travel through secret tunnels to reach various locations; the most recent tunnel leading directly to the newly constructed pitch that they have affectionately dubbed "The Pub".

Clan Thunderfist team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 28th, 2019 - old news
The Clan Fizzles Out
The Clan heads in to the off-season with a number of question marks. After opening the season with 6-1-2 record in pick-ups and regular season matches, the clan fizzled out dramatically in their final three games; including an embarrassing 0-3 loss to their hated rivals, the orcs of Bootweiser, in the first round of the playoffs; and an overtime 2-3 loss to another orc nemesis, The Skull Krackers.

While ownership has attempted to pass the blame off on the coaching staff again, many of the players, staff, and fans are pointing directly at ownership for some questionable cost-cutting moves that were made mid-season. These moves, designed to lower the team salary, led to the firing of three of the team's chief blocking linemen in favor of some rookies that did not necessarily pan out. While rookie lineman Magnum Bouldergut proved that he was a solid fit for the team, the coach has called for the immediate firing of both Barik Kegbelly and the recently injured Dimsum Thunderfist (the owner's own son!)

What is next for the Clan. Coach Bugman has chosen to forego any remaining pick-up games heading in to the off-season. Ownership has gone underground; preferring to hide in the ale halls rather than answer the constant stream of questions about their poor decision-making this season. But in the end, only one question this it for the Clan?
- Topher
May 21st, 2019 - old news
Regular Season Ends on High Note
As the begins to settle on another season for the Clan, rest allows for reflection. With a few games remaining to be played around the league, the Clan sits firmly in 2nd place in their division; feeling comfortable about their chances at making the playoffs.

Having been tasked by ownership with the goal of improving upon their porous defense from last season, the Clan improved from a 1.45 GA last season to a very respectable 1.05 GA this season; allowing more than 2 goals only once all season, and only 4 goals total in their last 6 games. This impressive stat included a one goal allowed performance against offensive juggernaut, the unbeaten Tyrs team, who had scored 21 goals against their previous opponents this season.

Led once again by team leaders Turmok Brewguard and Norragok Hammerhide, the Clan has developed in to a formidable team, nearly doubling their casualty total from last season, second only to Tyrs at 2.75 casualties per game, while reducing their casualties received from 2.1 to 1.04 this season.

The future looks very bright for the Clan, and ownership is bullish on this bunch of dwarven warriors from under the mountain. Let the Bugman's flow!
- Topher
May 2nd, 2019 - old news
The Clan Reigns Supreme
As the midway point of the season nears, the Clan continues their reign of terror through the Season 10 ranks. Having worked their skills hard in the off-season and pre-season, the team finds themselves the highest paid team in the league. While this has led to an extraordinarily talented team, it has also created a unique set of problems, as opponents have been given carte-blanche to throw all manner of star player and dirty trick at them in an attempt to down the "lowly" dwarves.

"Morg n' Thorg?! Bahhh...pass me my ale!" said Coach Bugman in a recent interview. The team finds itself leading the league in casualties this season; including knocking out three star players in one game against the Snake Eaters (a 3-0 romp, which involved two TD passes from the team quarterback)

What's next in the coming weeks for the dwarves in the 2nd half of the season? We'll soon see as they face the vaunted Norse team of Tyrs of My Enemies. Bottoms up Clan!
- Topher
Apr. 8th, 2019 - old news
A New Season A New Hope
The Clan comes in to the 10th season of the MOB League with a new vision and new expectations. Having begun the new season with three pick-up wins, ownership has laid down a simply ultimatum; playoffs or layoffs.

Led, once again, by star player Turmok Brewguard, the dwarves of Thunderfist have set a new standard for aggressive offense, with three touchdown passes to open the season. And with new buffed bruiser Norragok Hammerhide bolstering the more organized defensive line, the Clan feels that they will be able to meet those expectations and please their beloved ownership.
- Topher
Tournaments played:
MoB Season 9, MOBBL Cup 2019, MoB Games 10
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