Gobstomper's Circus of Horrors

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Topher
The Circus has come to town; and a horrible one it is, at that! Team owner Gobstomper has put together a shady bunch of blokes from the Underdark to put their own zany stamp on the Blood Bowl pitch. Send in the clowns!!!

Gobstomper's Circus of Horrors team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 4th, 2019 - old news
A Circus of Successes
It was all grog and snogging after the final game of the regular season for Gobstomper's Circus of Horrors. Finishing with an unbeaten record of 2-2-0 and having locked up a playoff spot, the team owner, Gobstomper himself, was first to the bar to buy drinks all around for his boys (and a couple of gents wearing referee uniforms)

Leading the league in touchdowns by a comfortable margin (thanks in large part to 10 touchdowns scored by their doom diver), the goblins sit back and await their fate, as an important match approaches between the Orkland Raiders and the Snake Eaters will decide whether the Circus ends up with a division championship or a wild card spot. Either way, it is all smiles on the faces of the green crusaders.
- Topher
Tournaments played:
MoB Games 11
Trophies won:

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