Moonclan 101st Airborne

Race:  Squig Herders (Leeg Race)
Coach:  Vice
An elite, hand picked group of slightly more aerodynamic and crazed goblins with a love for animals.... beasts....muscular meatballs with teeth and legs....?

Squig Herders (Leeg Race) logo
no custom team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
TCSL Season I
Trophies won:

Latest matches:
MOB Season 14, Week 2
  0    Skull Krackers
  5    Kraven Hunters
MOB Season 14, Week 2
  1    Elftown Harlequins
  3    Parhilion Pathfin...
MOB Season 14, Week 3
  2    Rolling Bones
  0    Dummy Team
MOB Season 14, Pickup Game
  2    Skull Krackers
  2    Bonechewer's Horde
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